Sharon Q.

3/22/2011 | Livermore, CA

5 Stars

Southern Thai Curry

Great Thia food in Livermore, here it is! I have been a long time lover of downtown’s well established Lemon Grass but this place give them a run for their money. To begin with, the service as Lanna Thai was quick and pleasant. I like to play it safe when trying a new restaurant, sort of like ‘ if they can’t get this dish right they’re probably all around lame.’ That being said, I ordered Tom Kha, a spicy coconut milk based soup. I had it with shrimp. It was well spiced, and had a generous portion of shrimp, mushroom and lemon grass. A small order, which was about 6 dollars, was enough to serve two people well or even three. I also ordered the chicken satay. It was also very good, served with cucumber salad, the portion was of decent size and tasted great. the chicken was well cooks but also very tender. They offer lunch specials which include soup. I really liked that since most Thai places only serve ala carte. So if you must ask, would I go here again? Would I suggest it to friends. Heck Yes! This place is awesome!

Nacha S.

2/24/2011 | Pleasanton, CA

5 Stars

This is one of the best thai food in the east bay for me so far.

There’s more to good stuff than the not good.
I tried it here many time and didn’t get a chance to write a review about this place and here I am.

The very first thing I tried here was the pad khee mao chicken. The taste was great and flavorful. I could say it could actually be compare to Osha thai in the city =) I really liked it.

Also the chicken wing appitizer rocks.

Sometimes when I crave for padthai, I have no question but head to Lanna thai right away since I’m sure that it will be done the way I like.

Not to skip, the curry here is sooooooo good that you will have to come back. If you crave for some entree but want some kick of a curry too, I would recommend you to try their “ROTI” appitizer since it comes with yellow curry sauce. Yum Yum Yum, the sauce and the roti goes along so well that you would want to get it everytime you were here.

They also have their special southern style dish which was created by the owner of the restaurant. And this was inspired by the place she comes from “southern of Thatland” which I can tell that many and most of the thai restaurant does not have what this restaurant carries =)

Like I said the food was good and the most important thing is everything here is clean. The decor is cute, I like the color brown that goes with green with some buddha decor that would reminds you of the Asian cultures.

Never forget to mention, if you get a chance to meet the owner (which she mosly comes out to greet her customer) be aware… sometimes she would just let you try her special menu that’s not in the menu and it would make you love this restaurant more and more on their uniqueness.

The service here is great, all the staff are friendly though they got busy and forgot you sometimes, but they would talk to you and make sure everything is ok.

Quick tip, check in here through yelp on your mobile and get a 10% off… what a good deal!

Seafood Noodles

Diana Lyn M.

1/6/2011 | Vallejo, CA

5 Stars

I haven’t been here since May, when I held my graduation dinner here. There are new additions to the menu, which I was able to try.

Went here a few days ago for lunch and I ordered the pumpkin curry, which btw is not pumpkin, it’s kabocha squash. Regardless, I love gourd vegetables, so I was all about it. I ordered it mild, which came a little spicier than I liked, but I loved it nonetheless and ate the rest for leftovers until I ran dry of curry.

We also ordered the roti as an appetizer, which we get pretty much everytime. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that stuff. The curry is sooo good and the bread/naan/carb you get with the curry was buttery, flavorful, and delicious!

We also got tom yum soup since it was lunch, it came with our dishes.

I must say that everytime I eat at Lanna Thai, I’m amazed by the freshness of the veggies! The veggies that came in the soup were so fresh and delicious! I really love that Parkin puts a lot of effort and work into the food and that everything is pretty much homemade! Everything just tastes that much better homemade.

I ordered the mango with sticky rice for dessert, but to-go. My mistake, I should’ve eaten it at the resto since sticky rice doesn’t have a long shelf life.

After eating all that, I really didn’t feel bloated. I think the fact that everything is freshly made is a factor in that. I gotta come back more regularly because I forgot how yummy this place can be!


Leah F.

10/30/2010 | Livermore, CA

5 Stars

You must eat here!!! I am baffled at the fact that I forgot to review this place!!

This is our go-to place for Friday night dinners or take out . It has now become our go-to place for taking friends and family out for lunch or dinner too!

We first went about 2 weeks after they opened since we live SO close . We were greeted by the owner while eating and we were chatting it up with her from the start and it continues every time. We loved our meal and had the best first impression and they continue to deliver every time.

The Owner:
She is the sweetest lady who is always willing to come out and chat with everyone. She and my fiance now talk cooking ingredients and spicy food details all the time =) She has on many occasions suggested for us to try new things and even brought us new things to try. She really cares about how customers view her restaurant and is always asking in a nice way how we feel about everything. She is always adding new menu items to keep thinks fresh and she enjoys seeing people love her food. She knew the there wasn’t another restaurant that served this specific type of Thai food like from her home town so she hopes we all enjoy.


They will make all of your food as mild or spicy as you want it so just be sure to ask if you care about this part of food like we do!

Chicken Lettuce Wraps
These are a favorite of mine for sure! They have lots of fresh ginger and amazing flavor throughout. Lettuce is always so fresh too.

We just have to order this every time, it is so yummy! A must try if you love coconut milk.

Pad Thai:
AWESOME. I have had many an order of this from here and other places too and I really love this one. They give great portions for the price too!

Seafood Combination Soup
My seafood loving fiance orders this almost every time and just can’t get enough of it!

We have tried many things from here and love it all! Their presentation is great and take out is a breeze. You can even order on line now too.

Thanks Lanna Thai for moving in so close to us and for making amazing Thai food!

Aaron D.

11/28/2010 | San Francisco, CA

5 Stars

I am trying to digest why Yelp has a 4 star rating for a 5 star restaurant. My brother first brought me to Lanna Thai in October. After my first dinner, I came back the next two days for lunch. You truly can’t get enough of a good thing.

The restaurant is clean and close to town. It doesn’t have the traditional Thai/Asian atmosphere; it has a more modern “Ikea” touch. But that is just until you get your food. When your food arrives, you are instantly removed from Livermore and transported to Thailand. In over 20 years of sampling just about every Thai restaurant I come across, this truly is the best. It’s hard to believe such an authentic Thai restaurant would be found in Livermore. The flavor and quality of food is something you would expect to find in Thailand. You would be hard pressed to find anything of this quality in San Francisco or New York.

Most days you can find the owner, Prakin, a native of Thailand, making sure her customers are happy, enjoying the family recipies she brought from her hometown called Lanna. I can’t recall the last time I went into a a restaurant and was greeted by the owner/chef who remembered my name from the last time I was visited. In October, Prakin surprised me with a home curry dish that wasn’t on the menu — yet. A month later the special spicy curry found its way to the menu and is a must have if you are a curry lover. The suttle spice and flavor, with fresh picked dill in just about ever curry dish, will have your taste buds craving more even if you’re full.

The prices are below what you would expect to pay for this high quality food. The welcome attitude, the home cooking and the excellent price will keep me coming back. Each time I visit Prakin surprises me with a dessert or special home cooked dish “on the house”. You will not find this personal touch in any restaurant. I made a special trip from Washington to Livermore with a friend just so we could stop in and grab some dinner at Lanna Thai.

Its worth the drive to the Livermore valley if you want to experience quality, home cooked Thai food. If you are lucky, you might even get to visit with Prakin who will tell you about Thailand and how their traditions.

If you like spice, this truly is the only Thai restaurant that you get what you ask for: if you want a five star spicy dish — you get five stars. If you ask for something to spice up your dish, you won’t get the quintessential Sriacha sause — you get hand cut Thai peppers in a special fish sauce. I was lucky enough to leave with a small bag of these the last time I dined at Lanna Thai. But make sure you have plenty of water on hand if you order anything a five star plus for spice.

You won’t be disappointed if you go out of your way to enjoy Lanna Thai.

Panang Curry Chicken