Livermore’s Lanna Thai Renews Menu as Tri-Valley Economy Rebounds

John M. Zukoski
February 24, 2012

Opening its doors to customers during a time when many restaurants were leaving the business, Lanna Thai in Livermore has quickly become a frequent destination for residents living in the Tri-Valley and beyond. Lanna Thai Owner and Executive Chef Prakin Gamble has built such a reputation as to attract stars such as American Idol runner-up Adam Archuleta. Cornerstone Fellowship founding pastor Steve Madsen and many from his congregation are also said to be regulars at Lanna Thai.

With the economy improving as more jobs, new home construction, and businesses return to the Bay Area, Lanna Thai has taken bold steps to prepare for the elevated expectations from their customers. Diners visiting Lanna Thai will notice a distinctly different feel to the experience that starts with the beautiful new menus. Inside the menu, Prakin finally added many entrées that have long been enjoyed by loyal customers who know about them. These crave-worthy favorites include the Spicy Chicken Roti, Curry Crab Meat Fried Rice, and Larb, which is a pork dish seasoned with lime juice and special Thai spices.

Customers can choose from four different spice levels: mild, medium, hot, and Lanna Thai hot. Prakin does not recommend Lanna Thai hot for first-time customers. After spending the past two years perfecting the recipes, Prakin has rolled out a new collection of Lanna Thai signature dishes.

Chef Prakin and Daughter Kim

Chef Prakin and Daughter Kim

  • Lanna Thai Soft Rolls: Each roll is a bundle of Chicken with lashings of pickled carrots, pickled daikon, and onions wrapped in soft rice paper. The rolls are served with a sweet sauce.
  • Young Peppercorn: The key to this new dish is a curry sauce that contains young peppercorn, wild ginger, bell peppers, and Kaffir lime leaves. The recipe for this special curry sauce came straight from Prakin’s mother.
  • Lanna Thai Curry Stew: Your choice of meat is slow-cooked to perfection in a fragrant curry enhanced with coconut milk, aromatic spice paste, sour tamarind, and a touch of palm sugar. This dish is served alongside steamed broccoli.
  • Red Hot Green Bean: Prakin loves to experiment with different pairings of Thai spices with greens and meats. In this new dish, Prakin combines made-from-scratch roasted chili sauce, fresh green beans, bell peppers, basil leaves, and the customer’s choice of meat.

Lanna Thai also offers a fine collection of award-winning Livermore wines such as Cuda Ridge and Thomas Coyne to complement meals. Lanna Thai is located at 2270 Las Positas Road in Livermore.